Semester of Social Media + the semester, is coming to a close


Grace What Do You Call Cheese That Ain’t Yours?

Alex Language Processing: Do Computers Do It So Differently?

Kathleen Review: Good Omens

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Homework: NONE!

Everything is due today for semester of social media. Your project page should have 2 progress reports, a reflection, and your powerpoint or materials for your presentation. Details regarding the reflection can be found here!


Semester of Social Media presentations and blog discussion

You’re going to do evals in class today. After that, meet in groups to discuss your blog posts this week. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to wind down the semester, give each other ideas for what to write about for your last blog post, blog post #12!

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Reflection: You will write a concluding “reflective essay” that will be due on the last day of class. This essay will be longer (1000-1250 words) and more “formal” in that I would like you to use this essay as an opportunity to make some sort of point or final observation about Social Media based on your engagement with it, our class readings, and our discussion.

For your presentation, figure out what sort of point or final observation you want to make about social media. You should tie 2 things together for this: our readings and class discussion about readings this semester (boyd, Jenkins, Crawford, Dean, Aoki Boyle & Jenkins, Lessig, Wysocki, McKee, Shipka) and your engagement on 4 social media sites (blog, twitter, 2 chosen sites). In your presentation, I would like you to show some of your activity, on your blog and through screen shots of your chosen sites. Use what you show to support your final point or observation about Social Media.

Finally, on each presentation day, we will catch up with the blogs of the people presenting. Choose one post that you’d like us to discuss in class. The class will read your post and come prepared with praise, questions, and suggestions for you.

How to post your podcast to your blog

How to post your podcast to your blog

1. Share the file in garageband or another program and save the file in your dropbox.

2. Go to the file on dropbox (either downloaded to your computer or on the web).

3. Right click on the file and copy the public link.

4. Go to your podcast project page on wordpress, type in the name of your podcast, select the text, click on the link icon, and paste the link. Anyone should be able to view this file with the link.