boyd chapter 2 “privacy” and chapter 3 “addiction”

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In class today, I will hand back your discussion questions from Monday. Some of you are writing great discussion questions. Some of you need to make sure to connect your discussion questions better to the book.

We will continue our discussion of boyd. Here are my questions, but please interject with your own:

  • boyd talks about teens who limit access to meaning on their social media sites by encoding meaning–for example, Carmen encodes her sad emotions over a breakup in song lyrics that appear positive to her mom but are understood as sad by her friends. In what ways do you encode meaning on your social media sites?
  • Do you agree or disagree with boyd’s thesis about addiction? Do you think most teenagers are addicted to technology, and do you text in class because you just can’t help yourself? Do you feel you have agency when it comes to technology or do you feel disempowered? Do you side more with Nicolas Carr and the technological determinists who say that technology is rewiring our brains and not in good ways, or do you side more with Pinker and Johnson who say technology sharpens our brains? How do we know/judge what technology is “doing” to our society?

Homework: read boyd chapter 4-6 “danger,” “bullying,” and “inequality.” Write 2 discussion questions and turn them in.


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