boyd chapters 7-8 “literacy” and “searching for a public of their own”

Did you accept my invitation to the dropbox folder yet? Your reading for Wednesday is in the folder. If you didn’t get an invitation, email me ASAP.

boyd’s talk is tomorrow, 7:30 in Halbritter. I hope to see many of you there!

Since this is the last day of discussion, please feel free to add your questions or any overall things you’d like to say about the book. Here are my questions:

  • I have heard the term “digital native” used in academia, but I had not heard a critique like boyd’s about how problematic this term is. Do you agree that this term promotes inequality and the digital divide? Do you feel you are a digital native because your generation has had more access to mobile technologies? Do you feel that you naturally possess a knowledge of technology or that you’ve had to learn to use it?
  • How do you define media literacy? Do you feel you are media literate? What practices do you see that characterize those who are media illiterate?
  • Do you agree with boyd that we now prohibit teenagers from public life in the same way we used to keep women out of public life? Did you have a public life as a teenager? Has your public life changed now that you are in college?
  • Do you see a difference between having a public life and being in public?

Homework: Read Jenkins on your iPad. Try to use some of the features of goodreader as you might do on paper. Underline, highlight, and take notes on the reading. Practice using the handwriting feature as well. Write 2 discussion questions just as you did for boyd.


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