Blogging on WordPress

In class:

1. Web surfage: Spend 5-10 minutes surfing. Find at least 3 blogs that are like your blog idea. Keep tabs up of the different sites/blogs you find.

2. Locate a picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself on your iPad. Email the picture to your computer.

5. Write a little introduction about your blog.

6. Blog–if you haven’t already, set up your wordpress blog. Choose a template that will allow you to customize the image at the top of your blog (I used Hemmingway Rewritten)

7. Tour of wordpress-you should learn how to link, how to post pictures, how to embed video, how to create pages. You can also create your own image to be the header of your blog page (we are going to do this as a class for the image project), and use widgets! Another important thing, learning how comments work on wordpress (you have to approve them to make them appear!).

8. Speaking of widgets, let’s talk about twitter. And let’s use the tag #bellwoarwam to share tweets with each other.

9. Let’s also talk about dropbox. Was everyone able to connect to dropbox through their iPad? You could also use flickr or photobucket for hosting pictures.

10. Speaking of hosting images, what about hosting video? Everyone knows about youtube, but there are also options like vimeo available.

11. Now that you’ve got your blog set up, let’s talk about pages. Get a new page started for semester of social media. Let’s take a look at the prompt.

Homework: Friday we will be doing a lab on HTML. Monday your first blog post is due. Before class on Monday, email me the URL of your blog. We will also discuss Dean’s chapter from Blog Theory. I will post discussion questions by tomorrow, and you write 2 discussion questions on the reading and bring them to class on Monday.


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