HTML tutorial

In class: Today we will complete this HTML tutorial.

Homework: Read Dean and bring in 2 discussion questions. Also, email me the URL for your blog before class. Your first blog post is also due Monday.

Dean discussion questions:

  • Dean renames the networks and connections made through blogs “blogipelago” instead of “blogosphere.” What do you think of this renaming? How do you think of those networks and connections between blogs you read and for what you imagine for you own blog?
  • Dean questions the death of blogging and argues that it is in fact the very belief that blogging is dead that makes it even more “alive.” What do you think?
  • What value is there in thinking of blogs as a medium for communication rather than a particular genre? Why does Dean (citing boyd!) say that the metaphors of journaling or journalism for blogging fail? How are you thinking about your blog as a medium or genre? Do you think of it as something between orality and literacy–something that persists (digital zombies)?
  • What theory did you not understand–what questions do you have about the theory Dean uses?

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