Dean on blogging

In class today we will discuss my discussion questions and take a look at your blogs. It is particularly important that you think about what genre/medium your blog fits into, how it is connected to other blogs/media/social media, and what voice/angle/take you have on the theme you’ve chosen. What’s your tagline? Ethos and voice of the individual author are particularly important in a blog (they might be less important in other genres like a column where there the newspaper carries the ethos somewhat for you).

Homework: Our next unit is Fair Use, which is very important for figuring out what you can legally post to your blogs and use in your media creation.

Read Aoki, Boyle, and Jenkins Bound by Law linked here.

Discussion questions:

  • What are the basic points about copyright law that Aoki, Boyle, & Jenkins highlight? In what cases do uses of media fall under fair use? What is a creative commons license and how do they work?
  • Pick a page with some of your favorite panels. Why did you choose these panels (i.e., why are they some of your favorite panels?) What is shown in these panels through the combination of image and text? How do those panels make a point about copyright and fair use?

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