Aoki, Boyle, & Jenkins Fair Use

In-class, discuss these questions:

  • What are the basic points about copyright law that Aoki, Boyle, & Jenkins highlight? In what cases do uses of media fall under fair use? What is a creative commons license and how do they work?
  • Pick a page with some of your favorite panels. Why did you choose these panels (i.e., why are they some of your favorite panels?) What is shown in these panels through the combination of image and text? How do those panels make a point about copyright and fair use?

Review prompt for Fair Use Response

Homework: View Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture Presentation

Discussion questions:

  • What is free culture?
  • How does technology limit free culture?
  • What does Lessig say you can do to bring back free culture?

Create/write your fair use response. We will talk about Lessig and your responses in class on Friday.


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