In class: We will discuss the visual design of multiple items in class today. In response to Wyscoki, choose 2 categories of screen- or paper-based texts (entertainment or education for small children, personal web pages, poetry, manuals for using small home appliances, regional guides, college level textbooks in economics, blogs similar to yours, etc.) and then look at 3 examples from each category (6 examples total).

What strategies of visual presentation unite the examples within each category? What do these similarities tell you about our expectations of the visual presentations of this kind of thinking or information? How are the texts visually different? How do these visual differences help the different texts appeal to different kinds of people within a larger audience?

Homework: Friday I will demo Procreate and Photoshop Touch apps in class. Make sure you have both apps on your iPad. Also, your blog banner image and about me page will be due on your blog on Monday. Use your iPad to take some pictures of things that you would include on your banner image to use in the demo.


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