This American Life

In class

  • Discuss these questions for #1 party school Prologue and for your examples of This American Life that you posted to your blog.
  1. How does Ira Glass edit together different types of audio clips to tell the story? What kinds of audio clips does he use: narration, live action, interviews, found/repurposed webcast clips, reading of other sources (Princeton review), music? In what order are these clips edited? How does Glass mark introduction, body, and conclusion?
  2. What tone does Glass create for the piece? What techniques does he use to create that tone/mood? What elements of sound is he using from the McKee article?
  3. How is Glass using tone/mood and editing as evidence? How do these things work as sources? Are they persuasive?

Homework: Blog post #5

FYI, I am working on grading Image Assignments and responding to your semester of social media. I have noticed for some of you, your image assignment reflection isn’t posted to your blog or your semester of social media progress report isn’t posted. Also, some of you are posting reflections as blog posts rather than a separate project page.

I’m trying to use a short screencast to do this, so I may have technical difficulties. I’ll keep you posted, and I will have feedback to you before the break in one form or another.

Garageband is free, so you can download it to your iPad.

As a reminder, the semester of social media lasts all semester long. For your second progress report, you must report on your social media use. You need to engage on your chosen and assigned social media at least once a week (1 blog post, 1 tweet, 1 engagement on each of your 2 chosen social media sites).


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