Shipka and multimodal soundness

In class: Discussion of Shipka and your ideas for your podcast. Here are the discussion questions:

  • What is the concept of multimodal soundness? Using the questions on page 360, how will you use the 4 elements of sound from McKee to create a podcast that follows the concept of multimodal soundness?
  • How can you use the concept of soundness-for-now to expand on and imagine other possibilities for your digital writing?


On Weds, we will have a garageband demo. You need to go to Joel Pheasant to get garageband installed on your iPad. Make sure to schedule a couple of minutes with him to do this.

Due Monday is blog post #6 and a professionalism assessment, which should be turned in on hard copy. Here is the prompt:

Write a letter to me assessing your professionalism so far in the class. Your letter should be professional and follow a professional letter format. Address your performance in each of the following areas:

  • Participation in class activities and discussion—your voice and input should be heard

*NOTE: This is a writing class with an emphasis on workshop and discussion. Participation makes up 50% of your professionalism grade. If you do not participate regularly in class, you cannot earn higher than a C in professionalism.

  • Attendance—class time is not optional—show up (see attendance policy for more details)
  • Be on time for class, appointments and group work
  • Preparation for class [readings and assignments should be done, readings should be with you in class, laptops should with you on lab days]
  • Work should be done on time and turned in on time
  • Leadership in class activities should be everyone’s responsibility
  • Leadership in group activities should be everyone’s responsibility
  • Demeanor should reflect support for the class goals and activities
  • Communicating with the instructor and other students in the class should always be respectful especially when you disagree
  • Positive attitudes and behaviors toward the instructor, other class members, and the work are considered essential to learning so basic courtesies are expected, e.g., if you are going to miss a conference, group meeting, appointment call/email to cancel.
  • Communication with the instructor, other students in the class and others who are related to or working with your class should not be considered personal or casual—you are representing more than yourself.

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