Blog Discussion & Podcast Planning

In class

I know some of you didn’t get a chance in your groups to talk about your podcasts yet, so make sure you do that first.

Then read and talk about your blog posts this week. Blog questions for discussion: what has been your favorite post so far? Why? What about this post would you like to repeat in future posts?


We will listen to the podcasts of Mark, Andrea, & Alex Hans in class Wednesday. Before class, take some time to read over their most recent blog posts.

Here’s the podcast listening schedule if you want to read ahead:

Fri 11/7 Alex Hanb, Loren, Ben

Mon 11/10 Katya, Nate, Kathleen, Grace

Weds 11/12 Laura, Erica, Dana, Lauren L

Fri 11/14 Matt, Lauren F, Brianna, Erika


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