Image Assignment

Goals: Visual design of your blog affects how readers understand your virtual identity. This assignment connects to the course goals to use online writing to shape your identity/ethos in virtual spaces and demonstrate critical thinking about your own use of technology in a world where mobile technologies are increasingly ubiquitous.

Your task for the image assignment is to create a banner for your blog that reflects your blog and the identity that you are establishing.The banner image must be a combination of pictorial and textual elements.

Take some pictures with your iPad that you can use as part of the banner image, and edit your banner image on the iPad using Photoshop Touch. Additionally, you can draw parts of the banner image using procreate. You can use several images in a collage for the banner image as I did for my fall 2014 WAM banner. The banner image must be designed to fit the space allotted for the image. The banner image on my blog is 1280 x 426 pixels.

If you haven’t already, you will also use the iPad to take a picture and post it on your About Me page. This can be a picture of you, or some other picture you feel is more relevant to the blog. Now that you’ve had some time to develop your blog, write a paragraph or 2 on the About Me page that introduces you and the blog to new readers.

As a part of your assignment, you will be required to present your work to the class. You will sign up for a presentation slot on the week of Oct 6-10. You will read the 6 class blogs for the day of their presentation. Come prepared to discuss praise, questions, and suggestions on each blog.

In connection with your assignment, you will write a 750-word reflection. First, create a new blog page where you post the photographs and drawings you used as part of your banner image and about me page image. Then talk about your process of putting together these images with a textual element. Draw on the readings (Dean; Jenkins; Aoki, Boyle & Jenkins; Wysocki; and Lessig) to answer the following questions and reflect on your process:

persuasion: what are your rhetorical goals/compositional vision for the blog? How does the banner image and about me page image fit into those goals?

audience: Who frequents your blog (or who would you like to frequent your blog)? How do you hope that they respond to your banner image and about me page image? How did you use the components of your banner image and about me page image to address this audience?

authorship: who/what are your influences? who composed the pieces of this banner image and about me page image?

Talk about the specific choices you made in design, including those that seem minute (i.e. I chose this color because…, I chose this font because…, I chose this design/image because…, I chose this text because…, I put these images in this order because… I composed this photograph with these elements because…) Stretch yourself to talk about every specific choice you can think of. Discuss how these choices address your audience and represent your identity and your blog’s topic.

Finally, talk about what you learned from the class during your presentation, and what if anything you would change about the image.

The image you create reflects your construction of online identity in virtual spaces, and the reflection demonstrates your critical thinking of your use of technology. Each component is worth 50% of your assignment grade.

Due Dates:

Friday 10/3 iPad photos to use in banner image and about me page image

Monday 10/6 Banner image and about me page

Monday 10/6-Friday 10/10 Image presentations

Monday 10/13 Image Assignment Reflection


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