For this project, you will create a short (4-5 minutes) podcast in the style of radio programs and podcasts like “This American Life.” In the podcast, you may make creative use of sound effects, music, silence, and any other audio tools at your disposal to communicate your ideas. You are free to choose the theme of your podcast, you might choose something related to the topic of your blog (but it is not required), and the information can be arranged however you like. These podcasts should be written to be spoken first. Also, your podcast episode must have a title!

If you have any questions about your ideas, feel free to contact me. Consider the information in the McKee reading when thinking about how to construct your podcast. Also, make sure to use the workshop time provided in class to get feedback from me and from your classmates.

On Wednesday 10/29, I will demonstrate how to use garageband on your iPad, though you may use any audio editor that you feel comfortable with. I will also talk about how to upload your final podcast onto your blog.

We will listen to your podcasts in class on Wednesday 11/5-Friday 11/14. To turn it in, you will post a link to your blog before you come to class.

The written portion of this assignment has three parts:

First–and before you record your podcast–you will produce a script that outlines your podcast plan. This script need not have every word that you plan to utter during your essay (some, I imagine, will opt for a more open, spontaneous format), but it should outline all major points and include notes on your planned effects/music. There is a temptation, I think, to create this document AFTER you’ve completed your work. Don’t do that. Bring a copy of your script (in paper or on your iPad) on Fri 10/31.

Second, you will write a rationale for this project. Talk about the specific choices you made in design, including how you structured the introduction, body, and conclusion to the piece (or if you left any of those out, why?) How did you use your VOICE as a rhetorical tool? How did composing a piece to be heard differ from composing a piece to be read? Be sure to draw on the McKee article to support and add credence your ideas. Your rationale should be at least 600 words. Post this to your blog.

Third, you will write a response to the feedback and comments given in class. Your response should be 2 paragraphs. Post this to your blog.

Due dates:
Friday 10/31: Script
Wednesday 11/5: Link to your podcast on your “podcast” project page
Friday 11/21 Rationale and Reflection posted to your “podcast” project page


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